Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Club Street Social | Lola's Cafe

Scambled eggs and toast ($12) with additional sauteed mushrooms ($3), the huge portion of scrambled eggs with fortina and chives was well cooked and I like how creamy it is yet not gelat. However the sauteed mushrooms tasted a little too salty for my liking.

Truffle egg toast ($15), runny egg yolk battered with cheese and truffle inside a thick toast can definitely perk a truffle's lover up. Truffle taste was just nice and not too overpowering however I personally feel it's a little too expensive.

Club Street Social
5 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069261
+65 6225 5043

One of the rare times I actually requested to head somewhere pretty far from my house, travelling from the west to north east. However this relatively new neighbourhood cafe didn't disappoint me. Although they do not take reservation on a weekend, they provide this ipad for online queuing system which you can check your queue number after you've keyed in your reservation.

So we requested outdoor seats and we got our seats in less than 30 mins even though we were on queue number 14.

Croissant with bacon, scrambled eggs, honey ham and cheese with a salad side ($13) was very appetizing, each mouth of it just made me want to have more!

Truffle fries ($12) came in a pretty good portion for two too but I feel it can be a miss. Truffle taste isn't as aromatic as I thought it will be.

Sea salt chocolate tart ($5) was mediocre too, the chocolate actually melted soon after it was served which makes it hard to consume. Paul and carpenter and cook definitely serve nicer chocolate tarts.

This isn't the best brunch cafe I've tried, but it deserves a mention for its wallet-friendly menu (most of the items cost less than $15 and they serve at nett prices) as well as its accessibility, just walking distance from kovan mrt. I would advise you to make a trip down early if you decide to visit on a weekend (:

Lola's Cafe
5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893
+65 6284 0349


  1. Hi Michelle, may i asked what camera are you using? the pictures look awesome! Thank you :)

  2. Hello! Sorry for the late one. I'm using sony a35 with a prime lens (: